Sanctuary of Nature Maullín river Wetlands

Maullín wetlands are one of the best cared and well conserved biological hydrological corridors in the South of Chile, which connects Andean and Coastal ecosystems. They spread along 18.000 hectares and they are recognized as a priority site for biodiversity conservation since 2002. The project is aimed to support the creation and management of an 8.000 hectare wetland Sanctuary of Nature, which provides eco-systemic services, key for human development, as well as hundreds of flora and fauna species, most of them native and many of them endemic with conservation problems. This is a shared project, in alliance with Maullín local government, along with the whole community and the river neighbor communes, as well.

This project is supported by the International Conservation Fund of Canada, The Western Hemisphere of sites reserves network (WHSRN) and the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.