About Us


We are a diverse working group, which deals with the conservation of nature from a trans- disciplinary approach; from Marine Biology, Ornithology, Geography, Cultural management, Planning and Audio-visual production; we contribute to the conservation of both Marine and Coastal bio-diversity, allowing it to be used in a sustainable way now and in the future.


Ana María Pfeifer
Biologist (Los Andes University, Colombia) Degree in protected wild lands Management and with a wide experience in the implementation and administration of Conservation projects. She has done research on birds from Colombian cloud forests habitats. In Chile, she has taken part in numerous research projects on coastal bio-diversity conservation, as well as Environmental Education programs, focused on marine and coastal areas.

Claudio Delgado

Marine Biologist (Austral University, Chile) 19 years of experience in designing, strengthening and implementing conservation projects in rich marine and coastal areas. He has been a CCnet member and coach (Conservation Coaches Network); he has had a wide experience in the application of Open Standards in the planning of Conservation. He has trained a variety of audiences and both, Government and private service professionals from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cuba and Uruguay. Since 2010, he has coordinated the design and further implementation of the Conservation Plan for Migratory Shorebirds in Chiloé, in places like Curaco de Vélez, Chullec and Maullín. Since 2015, he has coordinated the Wetlands conservation project in Maullín, intending to connect birds and wetlands conservation, together with tourism based on Nature and Nature Sanctuary protection. He has also had experience in research on Ecology and migratory shorebirds.

Jaime Cursach

Marine Biologist (Los Lagos University, Chile) Master in Natural Resources Management and Conservation; PhD in Natural Resources Management and Conservation (Los Lagos University). He has had 10 years of experience between scientific research and environmental consulting in areas related to Ornithology, marine wetlands ecology and urban environments. He has been a lecturer in pre and post-graduate careers, giving active talks on disclosure and socio-environmental education. Currently, he has generated nearly 30 scientific articles, 2 books and almost 40 presentations in science congresses, along with being articles reviewer on national and international scientific magazines.

Luis Espinosa
Biology and Science professor (Chile University, Chile) Specialist in Ecology and environmental education (Austral University, Chile) renowned ornithologist, with more than 30 years of experience in observing and educating on migratory shorebirds in the south of Chile. Austral University Professor in Puerto Montt, Chile.


Jaime Cárdenas
Musician, (Valparaíso University, Chile), post-graduate in Cultural management (Chile University), he has collaborated in the project implementation related to migratory shorebirds Conservation in Curaco de Vélez, Chiloé. He has had experience in the design and implementation of artistic activities, involving the community in the conservation of nature; connecting nature, art and local culture.

Francisco Brañas

Geographer, with more than 7 years of experience in bio-diversity conservation, natural resources, protected wild lands, native communities, socio-natural risks, sustainable tourism, environmental education, territorial planning, socio/rural development, management and system application on geographic information. He is an expert in using tools such as Arcgis 10.3, QGis; GvSig, ENVI (Software processing satellite images) and Global mapper.

José Cárdenas Vejar

Fond of any bird that soars through the skies and a tireless traveler. Passionate lover of the beauty of nature. His life has passed by many cities, but mainly  Maullín city, Los Lagos region, which is a place surrounded by beautiful sites and intermittent habitat of diverse species, among which we can find adventurous birds that cross from the far north of the planet to nest in this paradisiacal place called Maullín. Computer Engineer, who has devoted most of his time to photography and professional audiovisual fulfillment. “Pepe”, as he is known among his acquaintances and friends, has developed this hobby of capturing birds with his camera, spending days trying to achieve the purest and finest image of those majestic living beings, bringing to our eyes the greatness of Nature, its colors and shapes, that we would never appreciate by watching their fleeting flight.